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Join the Global Orchestra

The Global Orchestra connects young musicians in a peer-to-peer exchange. We invite interested groups to reach out about becoming partners. 

We are particularly interested in groups playing the instruments and musics traditional in their home culture. 

Partner Ensemble Requirements

Type of ensemble: ANY

Ages: 12-20

Instruments: ALL 

Skill level: ANY

Language: ANY

Technology: A smart phone or computer, and occasional internet access 

Cost: Partnership in the Global Orchestra is completely free.

When: The program runs October - June annually


All that is needed to participate is a single smart phone or computer with a camera, and access to the internet once a month. 

All videos are created and viewed using a free online app, so there is no downloading or uploading of data. There is no need to live-stream or have access to real-time video. 

We provide all the tools your students need to succeed: sheet music for those who can read Western notation, and how-to videos for those who learn by ear. We offer a wide range of parts, from very simple to complex, and will specialize parts for your instrument needs. 


Questions and enquiries are always welcome:

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