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Recording Track
for the Global Orchestra final video

The 2022 Global Orchestra will perform together the dynamic

Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. 

We will use this percussion track to align our videos.

Making your final video

STEP 1: Set up the sound. Use speakers to play the GO percussion backing track loudly in your room. 

STEP 2: Practice playing along with the track. There are four bars of drums for an introduction before everyone should start playing. Be sure your musicians can hear the percussion track while they are playing.

STEP 3: Film your video. You can film directly in Flipgrid or you can upload to Flipgrid after your film is complete. First, start filming with your phone/computer camera. Then press play on the GO percussion recording track. The video of you getting ready will be edited out in the performance video, so don't worry about extra time. The GO percussion recording track should be clearly heard in your video -- this is how we will align all the videos. As you play, the video camera can be set in one place or can move through the musicians, capturing close shots. When you reach the end of Libertango, wait a few moments before turning the video camera off. 

STEP 4: Check your video to be sure everything worked. You'll want clear sound and a good picture. Feel free to film several performances -- I can edit these together.

STEP 5: Upload to Flipgrid here: If you filmed directly on Flipgrid, you are done.

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